Hot air generators
Idealising, Designing and Building


Séries K

Economic, versatile and easy to install, the generators of the K series is filling a gap in the market looking for efficiency at low cost.[…]

Série KE

The air heaters of the KE series allow the use of any type of biomass scaled to 50mm. The robustness, reliability and great durability[…]

Turnkey Solution

Availability delivery and installation of our equipment in Portugal and Spain. Analysis of a solution, production and assembly.

For your company

Equipment and systems for heating large areas, such as halls, warehouses, gyms, swimming pools, sports halls, greenhouses and aviaries. We may change the power supply of your current boiler or other existing system, with the introduction and adaptation of our ecological burners, high profitability and economy (up to 50% from sources such as gas or light). Industries such as bakery, ceramic, cork trees, are also inserted in our area of action.

For your future

All are pieces of equipment conceived with one goal: sustainability. Other aspects are performance and economy with ecological energy sources.
All the technology is developed and built from scratch in Portugal, in our facilities.

Idealize, design and construct.

Equipment, systems and ecological burners for heating the biomass.